Essay: The Importance Of Sentencing

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By the look at the last answer, I am sure you could gather what I would respond here in this one. However, I would change imposing punishment or sentencing. While I understand and respect that felony law states that incarceration is mandatory, what if there were other ways to punish that person? This may sound harsh, but bring back physical punishment. A man robs a store with a gun, remove a finger or two, not in a humane way either. If a man kills someone else, hang him in the public. Bring back some older methods that may seem cruel, but maybe would deter other from committing crimes. That would also alleviate problems of overcrowding in our prison systems. In addition, “Louis P. Pojman, PhD, former Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at West Point Military Academy, in an essay titled "Why the Death Penalty Is Morally Permissible," from Adam Bedaus ' 2004 book titled Debating the Death Penalty: Should America Have Capital Punishment? The Experts on Both Sides Make Their Best Case, wrote:…show more content…
This sentencing was created by penal reformers, “it’s purpose is to encourage inmates to engage in treatment programs by promising them early release if they can convince correctional authorities they have been rehabilitated while in prison” (Siegel, 625). To me, not only is this sentencing outdated, we should not be promising any prisoner of any reward when they have committed a crime. If they are sent into prison and told, if you behave, you may get out early, all that does is teach them to fake good behavior to be released into the general public, hence the high recidivism rates. Nothing should be promised to them except a miserable life and forced treatment programs. We provide roomy cells, 3 meals a day, television, phone, exercise outside, and so much more, yet they murdered a small child. Where does this behavior make
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