Essay: The Importance Of Speeding

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Many crimes such as murder and theft gain a lot of attention if committed, but things like speeding past the speed limit are also a crime, so they should gain attention as well, if committed. Frank Trippett, in his excerpt, says that “It is painfully apparent today that millions of Americans…..are taking increasing liberties with all sorts of ‘minor’ laws…”. He says that Americans ignore certain laws over others, because their impact is much less than that of something like rape or murder. However, these laws’ punishments are not as great as other crimes’ punishments, therefore making them seem less significant. The “foundations of social order are profoundly shaken...when citizens take a skirting to the law”(Trippett) is not as true as you may think. People do not take these crimes lightly, they know the effects they have, and they are not ignored. The author creates a worried tone for his passage. The author states that “When it comes to tax codes, or laws against littering…...more citizens become…show more content…
Speeding is a thing many people do, but it is not always with wrong intentions if someone does it. People can speed for a variety of reasons other than just to get to work faster or to have a street race. If a woman is pregnant, and the couple had happened to be in a situation where they could not call an ambulance when labor had started, they would generally speed their way to the nearest hospital, but if they had been stopped for a speeding ticket, that would cause some horrible outcomes. The author also says that laws such as “noise pollution” are frequently ignored. The problem with this one is self-centered teenagers that only care about having a good time and do not care for common decency, however, these problems are tackled as well. When a party is going on somewhere, especially near a residential area, there are bound to be complaints about the noise level. Disturbing the peace is not taken that lightly, and police often arrive to calm things
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