Essay: The Importance Of Uniforms In Schools

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As part of our respect for the school and its image, students are required to wear well-maintained uniforms. Should an article of uniform clothing become tattered, torn, discolored, ill fitting, buttons lost etc., the student/family is required to mend or replace the article. School shoes must be polished and trainers/sports shoes must be kept clean. Tights may not be laddered. Uniforms must always be clean. Accountability: The Uniform Policy reflects the entire RISY community and thus it will be the responsibility of the student, the parents, the teachers and the administration to uphold. All stakeholders must familiarize themselves with the uniform and hair regulations as ignorance of these is no excuse for failure to comply with the regulations. • It is the student 's responsibility to choose and wear the appropriate clothing to school • It is the parent 's responsibility to scrutinize the uniform before the student leaves for school. • It is the teachers’ responsibility to monitor and ensure the Uniform Policy is adhered to during the school day and at school related activities. • It is the Student’s councilor’s responsibility to assist the School in monitoring this policy. Uniform Sizing and Cleaning Information: • All clothing must be appropriately sized. • No bare midriffs are allowed. • Skirts and shorts may be no shorter than 5cm above the knee. • Please follow the wash/care instructions in the label and ensure whites are washed separately to prevent

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