Essay 'Threats To Become A Cultural Cancer' By Ericsson

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In Ericsson’s essay she wrote about why lying threatens to become a “cultural cancer”. To explain why we lie, she tells us about different types of lies, and how they can still be harmful despite having good intentions. Ericsson is correct that lying threatens to become a “cultural cancer”. Lying threatens to become a “cultural cancer” because it can lead people going to a wrong direction. It can turn statements into excuses that can help people manipulate others. Also, it can make a person win over another person. One reason, is lying can lead people in the wrong direction because it can make another person confused what to do. Someone is telling a friend directions to the park, but the person is just going back to your home to relax, while his friend is tries to figure where he is. He makes an excuse by telling him you are busy. Then, his friend gets betrayed so the friendship is ruined by him. In that example written, people can get trusted easily sometimes. Another reason, is it can turn statements into excuses that can manipulate others. One example from Ericsson’s is that someone has inaccurate perceptions about someone. In…show more content…
Some might say that it does not threaten to become a “cultural cancer” because it is not a big threat to them. They think that because everyone has done it. Their claim could be that lying in today’s society is not a big deal. One example is from Ericsson’s essay and is written about the one time she lies and the bank charges sixty dollars. Also, the author mentions a point that we all lie. Ericsson’s essay says this, “We lie. We all do. We exaggerate, we minimize, we avoid confrontation, we spare people's feelings, we conveniently forget, we keep secrets, we justify lying to the big-guy institutions.” Even though lying is not a big deal for some people in today’s society, it is still a “cultural cancer”. Also, it is a big deal to some other
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