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Unit 1- Activity 4: Paraphrasing Paraphrasing exercise: The temperature of the earth is controlled by the cold waters of Antarctica and the warm waters of the tropics. The rising of Antarctica's water cools not only other seawater, but also the air. Now, humans have begun to disrupt this natural occurrence through global warming and pollution. ( Audubon 17) The 1920s was a period consisting of rapid change. This time of adjustment affected all areas of everyday life ranging from taste in music (classical to jazz), to the rise of crime families, to extreme changes in style and modesty; women with not only short hair, but short skirts too! (Yancey 25) 75% of accidents in relation to bicycling are injuries to the head. Children should take special…show more content…
A person needs to use MLA to add credibility to their work, avoid plagiarism, and to give readers references. Author Jane Pace argues that how a person sees themselves is alterable depending on their language. She specifically states that, ‘language that does exclude does, in fact, have a detrimental effect on a person’s self-perception and sense of self-worth.’ (Pace 37) In her poem, ‘Other Living Things”, Carlinda D’Alimonte speaks of her adolescence: This map is brimming with memories of soft mud, dusty home plates, beaten down with bats and runners (D’Alimonte 57) In her book, Caitlyn Shaw, discusses the “truth,” in relation to racial minorities, … perception of race is perpetuated as a means of preserving the power of the dominant white group through its basis for racism: biological characteristics translate to moral characteristics, and thus the “truth,” in foucault's conception of the word, of a minority race is formed, allowing that race to be categorized as inferior to the dominant race. ( D'Alimonte, Carlinda. Now That We Know Who We Are. Windsor: Black Moss, 2004. Shaw, Caitlin. The Power of Discourse. N.p., 10 Apr. 2005. Web. 12 Apr. 2005.

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