Essay Who Was Fair When Zeus Punished Prometheus

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Opening Statement Reanna Hook: Do you really think that Zeus was being fair when he punished Prometheus for helping humans? No obviously not. Zeus has tortured many towns and people. Prometheus and Pandora are just examples of some of the many people. Topic Sentence: We believe that the way Zeus punished Prometheus and Pandora was very unfair. Zeus is unfair to many people but this instance he was especially unfair. Argument #1: Zeus had a cruel side to him, like many ancient gods, such as when he punished Prometheus for stealing the flames of Olympus and giving them to the mortals, thus giving the mortals ability to evolve and learn. He condemned Prometheus to having him strapped to a rock while a giant eagle ate his liver daily, only for the liver to regrow so as to repeat the torture for all of eternity. We feel it was a very cruel and unusual punishment. This was punishment for defying Zeus' authority. Such extreme retribution was common from Olympians like Zeus and is often seen as petty and unnecessarily harsh, even by the standards of that time. Zeus was unfair to punish Prometheus though because Zeus was the one who assigned him and Epimetheus the task of giving men and animals gifts that would ensure their survival. Also, they even helped Zeus in the battle against Cronus and the other Titans. Zeus punished Prometheus for stealing light from the sun but he never punished Athena for guiding Prometheus up to the sun in her chariot just…show more content…
The gods made Pandora, the first woman on earth just to make humankind suffer. They gave her the gift of curiosity and then Zeus sent her down to Earth with a sealed jar, warning her never to open it. Zeus knew she could not handle the task, because of her natural curiosity. Every day she had to walk past the jar, yearning to know the contents of the jar. She grew very anxious, until finally she couldn’t help herself and opened the lid a tiny bit dooming mankind with
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