Essay: Why Catalonia Should Get Independence From Spain

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Catalonia is a land of mountains and seashores in the northeastern corner of Spain. The northern Pyrenees and the western Sierra de Cadi create the mountainous profile visible from the eastern stretch of the Mediterranean coast. Also Catalonia population is 7.523 million, which is 4.357 million more than Spain’s capital Madrid. Catalonia should have independence because Catalonia has a different language and also a different culture. Catalonia should get independence from Spain because they speak a different language. One reason is, The language was prohibited during the nearly 40-year dictatorship of Francisco Franco, who died in 1975. That changed when Spain transitioned to democracy in the late 1970s and Catalonia was given control of…show more content…
One reason is Catalonians have always been viewed as hard working, business minded and focused on succeeding, whereas the Spanish are often seen as exuberant, fun-loving and outgoing. This implies that Catalonians are willing to do more and are focused on succeeding in life. Also this tells me they never give up on anything. Another reason is Some of the national holidays are that of the Epifania del Señor or the Kings Day, on the 6th of January, the date in which most of the Spanish people exchange Christmas gifts; the 14th of January, the Holy Friday; May 1st, Workers Day; August 15th, Assunción de la Virgen; October 12th, Fiesta Nacional de España; November 1st, All Saints; December 6th, Constitution Day; and December 8th, Immaculate Conception Day. This proves me that national holidays in Catalonia are very different to than the holidays in Spain. Also that Catalonia’s people have different befiles with their cultar. I agree with this because the people of Catalonia are entitled to have their own rights, especially if we are talking about culture. Others say that Catalonia shouldn’t have independence from Spain because It’s a big part of

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