Essay Why College Athletes Get Paid

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Why should college basketball athletes get paid? Pinker 's essay is about moral goodness and how it is what gives us a sense that we’re worthy people. Also, he talks about how we decide what 's morally wrong. Paying college basketball athletes was at one point moralized as bad in our country which is evident by taking a risk on a 50-50 chance, athletes accepting gifts, and athletes having agents.
By paying college basketball athletes, it is like taking a risk on a 50-50 chance. Even if they’re the best there is, nothing is a sure thing. They could be having the game of your life one second, but the next they can land wrong and end their career just like that. During the early and mid-1900’s, athletes were recruited to get paid while playing and often weren’t enrolled in any university. In addition, in the 1950’s, universities thought it would be best not to award scholarships. College basketball students train to go pro but only a few make it.
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As a college basketball athlete, it 's okay to be curious about agents but it 's not okay to have one. They’re allowed to request information concerning their professional market value, but may not be represented by an agent. It is not okay to have their name used to promote a product as well as their picture. Student athletes would often get blackmailed after they have signed with an agent. These athletes may seek advice about a proposed professional contract, but cannot have an agent representing them in negotiations about the contract. In addition, they’re not allowed to be represented by an organization towards their career.
Although many people think college basketball players deserve to get paid, others believe differently. A lot of people believe they deserve to get paid because of their talent. While others believe that the perks are enough. Scholarships do not cover all living expenses and many live below the poverty line. In conclusion,it 's important to me as the writer for the readers to see both sides of the
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