Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Many believe that college athletes are similar to professional athletes and that they deserve to be paid for what they do. However, many college athletes are able to receive many other benefits, therefore additional compensation is not necessary. College athletes go to school to play their sport, but also go to get an education. Their main role is to prepare themselves for later in life, and being paid would take away if they were being paid. Student athletes are not professional athletes or entertainers, and should not be paid for playing on a college team. Although, I no longer play sports the debate of college athletes and whether they should be paid or not still interests me. As a lot of people from Neuqua play sports, many of them should be concerned about the argument, because this could affect them in the future. When deciding what college to sign with, one factor is the amount of scholarship money that they are going to receive. College’s spend much more on athletes scholarships compared to academic scholarships that they give out. With these large scholarships, “$40,000-50,000”(Chudacoff), extra compensation is not necessary. The scholarship money also gives athletes the privilege that most college students do…show more content…
The athletic training centers, tutors, and the large amount of scholarship money that athletes are similar to being compensated, especially because of the cost of these facilities. Due to the considerable amount of money spent on athletes, and even more if they were to be compensated, other activities or clubs would have less money to be spent on them. For example, smaller sports such as volleyball or clubs would have less funding because of the cost of paying the major sport athletes, football or basketball players. It would be unfair to the participants in the other sports or clubs, because they worked hard just like football and basketball
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