Essay Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Would you want to do college sports but still have all of your college work to do without getting payed? Most people in college are very focused on school and getting a job to pay for college. School sports could get in the way, if they could be working or studying when their going to practice. College students need to be able to pay for college but still be able to provide food and other hygiene for themselves. College athletes are usually already really focused on their sports and should get a reward to help them out with school. College athletes need to be able to have a good paying job but if they're to busy with sports they might have to give something up. They shouldn't have to give up something they love after working so hard towards it. Even though it will cost more money for the school, In my opinion this could help the school because more people will want to go. If more and more people know that the athletes get paid more students will attend the school. This could help the school get more money for the school even though they are now paying their athletes. Athlete will work harder and harder to get better at the sport especially if they are getting paid. It will help students get their scholarship and will help pay for many good things. Some students are having trouble in college …show more content…

Some students could really use the extra help by getting money when their playing and working hard on their favorite sport. Students that are attending college have already worked so hard to get through all of their school years, so I believe they deserve this. Also, college is already very expensive for most students attending. This would help them out a lot. But should they really get paid? Even though it is supposed to be just a fun activity? Yes, I think this because, even though it is a fun activity for them the athletes still work really hard in order to play the

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