Essay Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Taking a look at the average college student, should they be paid for what they are studying? Probably not. Then why should college athletes be paid? They shouldn 't get paid just because of their athletic ability. They shouldn 't be paid because they are students, not professionals. If colleges began to pay their athletes, then they could build a bad reputation for being mercenary and lose their educational reputation If they are allowed to play, then it can be financially detrimental to the college because there are many flaws in the system. College athletes should not be compensated for their actions regarding athletic activities, no matter what sport or level they compete on. The idea that college athletes should or shouldn 't be paid…show more content…
Another reason that it would be bad for college athletes to be paid is because the colleges would build a bad reputation for being all about the money and not about education. Already, some colleges are accused of using money to influence players into going to their school. "If a high-school football prodigy reported that he chose Michigan not for its academic quality, tradition, or beautiful campus but because it outbid all other suitors, a connection to the university’s values would be lost." (Yankah). Ever since the first college institutions were founded, they were either known for their academics or athletics. There is a distinct line between the two, and all you have to look at are the sports facilities on the campus. If a student athlete that only want d to go to college for athletics had the choice to go to North Carolina or Harvard, he would most likely choose North Carolina. What if the same situation was used, but this particular athlete could be paid by any college? If he was going to college to play sports and Harvard offered him more money than North Carolina, then the athlete would be more likely to choose Harvard. This just shows how corrupt college sports could get if the athletes were paid. Already, the system of college athletics is corrupt. People see that all this money is being made and the college athletes are completely getting
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