Essay: Why College Should Not Be Free

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A question that might be asked for a long time. Should college be free? It is a very opinionated question and I think that it should not be free. I think it should not be free because taxes would go up, America would go into more debt, and because the value of a college degree would decrease. One reason why college should not be free and the main reason is because taxes would shoot up like crazy. See the thing is about free college that it is not actually free. Nothing is free in life, someone has to pay for it and those people are the taxpayers. See college just would not be free out of nowhere, they still have to pay for it somehow. Which would come from taxpayers and the government. Also, people are still in student debt and would still have to pay …show more content…

Studies show that America would be 20.1 trillion in debt and 1.2 trillion of that is from student loans. See most Americans do not know that America is already trillions in debt and with free college that would make things worse. “If you look at what public colleges collect in tuition, it 's about $58 billion a year. Wherever it would be, it would be more than twice as much what the federal government is currently spending on student aid.” ("Clinton 's Free Tuition Promise: What Would It Cost? How Would It Work?") Of course we have tried a free college before. During the election, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders promised a free college tuition to any family that makes a salary of under 125,000 a year. Obviously this will not happen however since Clinton did lose the election. Also, another town in Michigan called Kalamazoo tried a free tuition and said it did work but I do not know how it is doing now or if they even do it anymore. One almost has to say that we do not know how free college would work unless we tried. But what researchers and experts have predicted we should just stick on the safe

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