Essay Why I Want To Be A Peer Counselor

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Why do you want to be a Peer Counselor? I’ve grown up as an only child until I was at the age of nine. Through the years of being the center of attention, my parents and grandparents “babied” me. I was given constant aid as they made sure I didn’t come in contact with any harm. Therefore, I never learned to do things on my own, especially important events like obstacles and challenges. Having a younger sister allowed me to take care of myself without others assisting me the whole way through and to watch out for others. I slowly adjusted to the “role model” my parents wanted me to become, someone my younger sister could to look up to. I began helping my family in numerous ways such as entertaining my younger sister, feeding her, and keeping her away from potential hazards. I, like many older siblings, am committed to helping younger peers grow and adjust to the high school life by giving advice and comfort. Not only will this experience support incoming freshmen with their sometimes intimidating high school transition, but also help me develop as a leader through serving…show more content…
Often, they promote fundraisers and school-wide events to raise money needed to make these specific changes. To participate in high school student government, a large amount of prior leadership experience and creativity is needed. Peer counselors have the role of leading and guiding small groups of younger individuals through their difficult time transitioning into high school. Through advisory and prior experience of high school life, incoming freshmen are given an abundance of advice and aid. Peer counselors are not required to, but should have a great sense of the meaning of leadership. Through this experience, they develop communication and leadership skills of becoming a highly influential role
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