Essay: Why I Want To Be A Nurse

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Nursing is the nation’s largest health care profession. It is fast pace and there is never a dull moment throughout the workday. Everyday is different and every patient is different. Although the hours are really long and the education is very expensive, being a Registered or a Pediatric Nurse would best suit me because I love helping people, there are jobs available where I want to live,the salary is really good and it will help me to pay off college debts, and overall it is just something I could see myself doing. One of the main reasons why most people want to be a Nurse and, the reason why I want to be a Nurse is, because I love helping people. The way you feel after helping someone is the best feeling in the world. Also you never know when someone might be in the need of help. So being a Nurse would come in handy in the time of need. Also I just love fast pace moving jobs because I just hate standing around when I could be doing something. Everyday is a different experience which I love. I love when my days are different because you get new experiences and you get the chance to learn new things. Also you would get the opportunity to show off the…show more content…
I love the idea that I can go anywhere and I do not have to worry about not finding a job because nurses are needed almost everywhere. So when I get out of college I can go anywhere I can without being nervous or worried about finding a job where I want to live. But if I want to be a Pediatric nurse I will most likely have to live in a city which is not a problem. Also the schooling is not that long which makes me happy because I do not want to wait that long for something that I wanted to be since I was a child. The salary is amazing and I can use it to pay off college debts as soon as I finish up college. It will also allow me to live a comfortable life and I will not be overwhelmed with bills and
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