Essay Why Immigrants Do Not Have Jobs

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At the age of 16 my father, A native born teenager form Mexico crossed the border to provide a better living for himself and for his soon to be family cause after all America is the land of opportunities, right? Starting off with $6 dollars an hour isn’t the ideal “American Dream” but with hard work and dedication he eventually was able to bring my Mother and I to this new land. He faced many obstacles along the way but with the hard work that was put in he was able to prevail everything in his path to be where he is today and now owns his Company. I look at my father; I see all the jobs he has created for America yet still many Americans make the assumption and belief of immigrants are talking jobs away. Immigrants do not take jobs steal…show more content…
A study by an economist George J. Borjas and others found out that immigration reduces the employment of less educated black men. However this fails to take into account whether how many immigrants are actually replacing U.S born workers this also depends on whether they’re competing for the same jobs for example: Americans may not want to work at fast food restaurants or work jobs with minimum wage for pay in the long run therefor it leaves an opening for an immigrant to work and that’s when the debate starts “Immigrants are stealing our jobs”. Immigrants in fact are not stealing jobs. According to an April 2015 symposium on the effects of illegal immigrants in the Southern Economic Journal, “illegal immigrants actually raise wages for documented and Native workers”. The biggest boosts are for workers that work in low and medium skill firms and those firms hire a lot of undocumented immigrants, why? Well because “The Law of Comparative Advantage says we get more productive when we have more trading partners, and the arrival of undocumented workers with limited English skills frees up low-skill American workers who can then specialize in tasks that require better
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