Essay: Why Law Intrigues Me?

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Law intrigues me.The development in the law and the way it adapts to an ever changing society has fascinates me extensively. I have always been a determined and fengrossment person. I have a broad interest in law subject. I am at my best when challenged, have the skills to manipulate evidence and enjoy evaluating the microcosm of human relations. Since 16, I started to have interest in my History subject. To deepen my knowledge, I decided to forgo my science subjects and choose art subjects in my college. I have improved my understanding of the law by taking Economics, Law and Mathematics in A-Level. The combination of subjects has developed my skills of arguing, analysis and evaluation that are significant when studying law. With regards to Economics, I learned the way how business economics so appropriately blends with law in daily issues. I have able to view many economics analytically and make suggestions regarding relevant improvements in law and current affairs. Next, I enjoy learning different aspects field of Law, how the English Legal System operates and influence the society. I enjoy taking up pleasure in reading primary sources and present persuasive arguments in a clear, reasoned and logical way. A good lawyer requires good decision making…show more content…
I had the privilege of becoming head of librarian. Through this, I had the chances of giving speeches to my contemporaries from others schools, which trained me to speak in front of people without any fear or anxiety. I also chaired the Student Council where I had actively organised numbers of my school’s welfare, delegated workloads and took expeditions with my teammates representing the school as an ambassador. I took part in interschool debating, this has further improving my communication skills immensely, able to provide strong arguments and points to support my own opinion, which is significant in the career of legal

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