Essay Why Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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“In May of the year 2014, 98 college underclassmen made themselves eligible for the NFL Draft” (Borden). Why such a rush to get out of college the reason is the money. Many people believe that college athletes should be compensated for the money they bring to schools. College is not to make money now, it is to get a degree so you can make money later. Student athletes should not be paid for their athletic performance because it would result in the loss of amateur sports. The loss of money in schools and that most student athletes already have financial aid. Paying athletes will result in the loss in amature sports, if they want to get paid like pros they should have to live part of the pro life. Such as the fear of being cut for poor performance, the ability to be traded or being taxed from the money they make. College is also for learning and earning a degree not for playing sports and being paid, that is why professional sports are in place. They could even be paid a…show more content…
Reasons why student athletes should be paid for athletic performances are very slim. The NCAA, coaches and the administrators earn money off of the athletes time and effort put into the individual 's sport. The money they earn off of that is paying back the schooling which most of the student athlete gets for free. Athletes could not have enough money to buy food, or for a little enjoyment every once and awhile. “Shabazz Napier stated he often went to bed hungry at night because he did not have enough money to buy food. Later the NCAA made a law that schools have to have unlimited food and snacks for all athletes.” (Koch). “Another man by the name of Dustin Grutza is a strong believer that student athletes should be compensated for the time for the time they spend there, so they have enough money to go to a movie, grab a meal off campus or help pay for cellphone or car insurance bills.” (Koch). That is why now all students get free meals so they can spend their other money on personal
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