Essay: Why We Need To Grow The Military Defense Budget

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One argument to grow the military defense budget is that the instead of throwing out arbitrary number for what percentage the government can live on, actually list out the costs of programs and capabilities we need to protect the people. Historically every time we have cut resources from the military, we have to spend greater amounts later to get those programs back up and running rather than if we would have kept them going over the duration. People on the side for growing the military budget also say that we need to make it a priority and that there is plenty of money to allocate to it. Those for reducing the government’s spending on defense say that they do not want to cut military pay but they do want to cut or reform the military retirement,…show more content…
Former chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said that the greatest threat to national security is our debt. One way to cut defense spending is to cut the officers and generals as compared to the enlisted force. Drones are replacing pilots and the need for so many aircrafts. Combine medical services to those branches that have the most casualties. Cutting civilian employees which currently is higher than it was during World War II. Tricare costs are high and can be lowered if we do not offer free healthcare to retired military and their families. Use of more civilian schools nearby military bases instead of funding military schools. Raise the retirement from 20 years to 25 years, a more reasonable age since lifespans are longer than they were over a hundred years ago. My suggestion is to inventory all the cash, supplies, people and bases the military has. It is necessary to know where the money is going. As previously discussed, we know where the money comes from, now we need to allocate where that money is going. Once we know where we are overspending we can then cut some of those mentioned as suggestions for
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