Punishment Essay: The Arguments For The Death Penalty

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The issue of the death penalty is becoming excessively actual nowadays, especially due to the idea of humanization. Both the supporters as well as the opponents of the death penalty are claiming that their position is the correct one. While some of them speak about the justice, the commensurate with the criminal act deterrent, or the lack of possibility to perform a criminal act once more, their opponents argue these claims with substantial proves. The opponents of the capital punishment in the criminal justice system claim that the costs for death penalty overcome the costs for keeping a person in prison. Moreover, they point at the lack of justice and fairness in the process of capital punishment determination and the possibility for an innocent …show more content…

The capital punishment is identified as the most radical means of punishment that is aimed at decreasing the number of the murders and other severe crimes that can happen on the streets. However, it is still not proven that the death penalty is effective in terms of reducing the crime rates. As the opponents of the capital punishment claim, “essential objectives the death penalty is meant to serve—crime control, deterrence and retribution—can be achieved without it, and are often not achieved with it” (Šimonović 183). First of all, the death penalty does not perform its main function as a means of punishment directed at the correction of the criminals. Furthermore, through the capital punishment, it is possible to take only one criminal off the streets while others will …show more content…

However, till now, the discussions have not led to a single correct answer concerning whether the death penalty justifies itself as the means of correction of criminals and reducing the crime rates. Despite the convincing arguments of the both sides of the conflict, modern society needs other, more humanistic, means of dealing with the crimes and the criminals since the issue of the death penalty is the leftover of the past that has to disappear in our society focused on the human well-being and

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