Essential Drucker Reflection

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The Essential Drucker: Book Review and Personal Reflection The book is divided into three parts namely Management, The Individual, and Society respectively. The first part discussed the birth and development of management in the history while tackling some of the most useful and best practices which evolved throughout the century. The second part described certain characteristics and abilities an effective leader should have and introduced the “educated person” who will be the “knowledge worker” of a knowledge society. Finally, he integrated the interrelationship of management ( in an organization) and knowledge worker to the future of the society. Looking at the bigger picture, the author implied the emergence of the modern knowledge society at least 3 decades after the time he wrote his book. The base element of this society is the educated person who needs motivation in the form of a challenge and must specialize through continuous learning to convert his knowledge into performance. Hence, there is a vital role for management to fulfill these needs. I started reading the book 2 weeks after my first day in Seaoil Philippines Incorporated. We spent the 2 weeks learning about the organization from the Employee Code of Conduct, MVV, company slogan, strategy, and its value chain, and most importantly we learned from the experiences shared some of the senior leaders of the organization. If I were asked to read the book in the form of a manuscript without any information about

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