Essential Elements Of A Hero Essay

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Big Idea:

Heroes take on many different forms and evolve from many different situations.

Common Core Standards:

CC.1.4.3.T: With guidance and support from peer and adults, develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, and editing.

6.5.3.A: Explain why people work.

6.5.3.B: Identify different occupations.

8.3.3.D: Identify and describe how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have impacted the history and development of the US.

Essential Questions:
What makes a hero?
How do heroes make a difference?
What qualities do heroes have?
Can a hero go unnoticed?
Who are heroes?

Lesson Objectives:
1. Students will learn about themselves and what is important to them by looking at heroes.
2. Students will explore current events and roles heroes are
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First, students will brainstorm of what they want to include in their essay.
3. Second, students could use scrap paper to write down their ideas, thoughts, or reasons.
4. When ready, students can begin writing draft. The teacher will expect full sentences, flow of the sentences, and sense of the sentences.
5. When finished, the teacher will use rubric to grade the essay.

1. Towards the end, the students will have a small quiz and quick write to explaining the importance and comprehending the significant of heroes.
2. The teacher will ask a few follow-up questions regarding 9/11 to challenge and assess their knowledge about the 9/11 event.

1. The teacher could model and show examples of the writing prompts and activities.
2. The teacher can print out pictures for the student to see closer and follow along
3. The teacher could provide extra time for student.
4. The teacher could pair the students in bigger groups.
5. The teacher could sue back table during the worksheets and activities for one-on-one help.

Students will write what they learned about heroes on half a page and on the back will write something they enjoyed about this

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