Essential Oil Benefits

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Essential oils are recently in the limelight of the alternative medicine scene. Professional aromatherapists have said for years that essential oils ' greatest gift to mankind will be the treatment and prevention of infectious illness -- and now science is fully validating this claim. Plus oils have also been scientifically shown to make people happier and lower their stress levels (among a great many other therapeutic actions). What 's the easiest way to use these wonderful natural medicines for yourself and your family? Simple inhalation! And what 's the best way to do this? By using an essential oil diffuser. Here 's a look at all the medicinal benefits of inhalation of essential oils, and a guide to choosing the right diffuser for your needs. From The Lab To Your Home: Science-Proven Essential Oil Benefits The body of research revealing the diverse therapeutic and medicinal actions of…show more content…
Their intention is to get the oils in the air so you can enjoy their aromas -- and while this sounds simple, its actually therapeutically meaningful: The "smell sense" is the only one of the five senses directly wired to the control center of the brain (signals from the other senses travel through "switching stations" first). The result is that the body reacts to a smell without us thinking about it. Certain smells can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, and help us sleep more deeply. Some users report feeling happier or calmer when inhaling particular scents, and other scents make the mind sharper -- improving test scores, reducing errors at work, and improving the efficiency of studying for school. A fan diffuser will blow air and evaporate oil from a cotton pad, and warming diffusers will safely (i.e. ok to use around children) and gently use heat to also evaporate oils from a pad. Both these styles are good choices for smaller areas, like a bedroom or

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