Essential Oil Stress Relief

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Using essential oils for stress relief is a great natural alternative. Stress affects over fifty percent of all adults and can have some very serious affects on their health. When it occurs the body has a physical reaction. The heart rate speeds up, glucose levels increase, as does the blood pressure. Hypertension and heart disease are just two of the many diseases that are linked to it and affected by it. The digestive, reproductive and immune system and the skin can all be affected by it as well. It can contribute to trouble sleeping, headaches and fatigue. If someone is already suffering with depression and anxiety, there can be a further adverse affect. What goes on with a person internally can trigger symptoms, as can what happens externally. There may be…show more content…
Rosemary increases mental acuity, while Clary sage promotes relaxation. Lavender helps with both relaxation and stress. Other relievers are geranium and chamomile. Lemongrass decreases anxiety and increases relaxation. Frankincense can decrease fatigue which is just one of the symptoms. Basil is used for strengthening the nervous system and helps with mental fatigue. Bergamot is said to be good with mental pressure and anxiety, and jasmine promotes a calm feeling. There are many more to choose from and although an oil may be used for a particular purpose does not mean it does so for everyone. Each person must choose what work best for them. Combining them may make them even more effective. A massage with heated oil is a great way to relax and forget the pressures of life. The scent associated with the massage can instantly bring back the same relaxed feelings. Carrying around some of the oil on a cloth may help during the day when it feels like too much to handle. Using essential oils for stress relief is just one of many ways. It is important to find the one that works best for the
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