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Even though intelligence is one of the oldest phenomena of states and societies, theoretical basis of intelligence is still undeveloped. Moreover, it might be argued that essentiality of theory of intelligence has been ignored. Firstly, it is tried to indicate why theory of intelligence is essential to study in terms of efficiency of intelligence. There are some essential questions are tired to be answered such as how theory may affect and increase the efficiency of intelligence? How experts of intelligence and decision makers can benefit from theory of intelligence in order to protect state’s interests and goals? Secondly, there are different approaches on the intelligence and intelligence studies which affects theories on intelligence. These…show more content…
This intelligence community perception and its characteristics is shared with modern states and capitalist institutions. Furthermore, the modern intelligence communities’ requirements, goals and interests were also defined in the cold war period. Rahtmell (2002) asserts that there were three core features of intelligence communities were essential. First one was the scale of the perceived threat, which is based on ideological struggle that is supported by nuclear threat of nuclear annihilation. Second one was based on the militarized nature of the targets which focus on the technical military, scientific and economic parameters. Third one was the predictability of the geopolitical context that generally focuses on USSR’s strategic and military posture (Rahtemell, 2002). As a result, the modern intelligence communities were constructed. However, when the modern intelligence communities were getting shaped and structured, intelligence communities and policies makers did not give enough importance to the theory of intelligence. Even though there is no commonly accepted theory of intelligence, it has to be underlined that theory is not only essential for natural science it also very essential for social science and social phenomenon in order to understand and explain. Therefore, intelligence also needs to have a well-developed theory and perception of theory…show more content…
Some scholars argue that intelligence is only information for decision makers and they do not interest in how information is obtained. On the contrary, some of scholars assert that intelligence has its unique features, process and purposes therefore; intelligence is more than only providing information to the policy makers. All Intelligence activities and process might be done silently hence secrecy is vital factor on intelligence. In addition to these, some scholars are focus on the structural issues which may result in intelligence failures. On the other hand, political function of intelligence is also preferred to study. Main purpose of this approach is based on how states benefit from intelligence in terms of her interests and goals. Finally, by the cold war, all world system and states are affected in terms of social, political and economic which was resulted in evolution and revolution of different components of states organizations. Intelligence also affected through the cold war because of the fact that intelligence’s concept was changed. Main concern of this approach is based on the assist to the policy and decision makers in order to reduce new risks and

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