Essentiality Of Intelligence Theory Essay

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Even though intelligence is one of the oldest phenomena of states and societies, theoretical basis of intelligence is still undeveloped. Moreover, it might be argued that essentiality of theory of intelligence has been ignored. Firstly, it is tried to indicate why theory of intelligence is essential to study in terms of efficiency of intelligence. There are some essential questions are tired to be answered such as how theory may affect and increase the efficiency of intelligence? How experts of intelligence and decision makers can benefit from theory of intelligence in order to protect state’s interests and goals? Secondly, there are different approaches on the intelligence and intelligence studies which affects theories on intelligence. These approaches are constructed according to functions of intelligence, nature of intelligence and responses to the changes in world systems in terms of political, economic and social. Moreover, positivism, realism and rationalism are decisive factors on approaches that will be analyzed. Thirdly, intellectual discussions and concepts about theory of intelligence are analyzed under the tittles of views on theory of intelligence. Moreover, there are different kinds of explanations, frameworks and definitions which have different…show more content…
His theory of intelligence is mainly based on the intelligence cycle. According to the all components of intelligence cycle, he offers some propositions on each parts of intelligence cycle. Furthermore, his propositions generate a theory of intelligence which may have a chance to be successful. He also discusses the issues on intelligence by referring historical events on intelligence failures that have damaging effect on outputs of intelligence process. Therefore, his theory of intelligence is also a kind of guide to the intelligence communities and intelligence policy

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