Est1 Task 2 Health And Social Care

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1. ADA • The act involves employers to create suitable adjustments for disabled employees; it disallows discrimination against disabled persons (Dessler, 2014, p.31). • This term is important to HRM because it protests people with disability and it allows individuals with disability to work. HRM needs to know and understand what the Act does, so HRM does not violate the Act. Also HRM have to provide suitable adjustment to assist individuals with disability. Individuals with disabilities are required to have equal access to all benefits of the job. • I would use this term at work by always following the rules under the Act and provide equal treatment to all employees. I will make sure others provide equal treatment to those who have disabilities. 2.…show more content…
Job specification • A list that defines the knowledge, skills, education and personality, which are needed to accomplish a specific job. This is product of a job analysis (Dessler, 2014, p.89). • Job specification is important to HRM because it helps HRM understand the level of requirements and characteristics that potential candidates should possess in order for him/her to be eligible for job openings. Also, it assists HRM in choosing the most suitable candidate for the job. • I would use this term at work by making sure the HRM provides and uses a job specification in order to select the best candidate for the
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