Establish And Adjust Marketing Mix For Thai Rose Cafe Case Study

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BSBMKG502 Establish and adjust the marketing mix

Assessment Task 2: Project – Determine the marketing mix
This assignment is regarding the business Thai Rose Café which is located in the Melbourne CBD. The café has more than 15 years of business operating experiences.
Subject: establish and adjust marketing mix for Thai Rose Cafe
Evaluation of the marketing mix
1. For the new marketing opportunity and in relation to the product or service, answer the following questions?
- Who is the product or service aimed at?

 individual members of the public: they are the individual customers who can be long term loyal customers or any casual walk ins customers.

- What key features and benefits does the product or service provide?

Product or service key features Explanation
Its purpose To offer customers funs, relaxation and comfort by enjoying Thai Rose cafe coffee product lines
How it works Offer the original, authentic and true organic coffee product lines
How it is developed or manufactured Use methods of both manually and machine grinded coffee beans
How it is checked for quality By conducting the customer feedback and survey and also the random workplace observation
How it is delivered Over the counter or online purchasing
How it is maintained and serviced Can be served within the shop or by take away
How long it is likely to last (including any warranties) It is an instant product without product guarantees and

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