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Establish effective workplace relationships Assessment Task 2: Project Part A Agenda Template To:;;; From:; Subject: Recent customer service issues within Cricket Equip Date: 07/11/2015 Meeting topics to be discussed: 1. Meeting purposes and self introduction. 9am - 920am 2. Outline current Cricket Equip customer service problems. 920am - 950am 3. Outline current Cricket Equip customer service requirements and expectations. 950am - 1020am 4. Group discussions for the recommendations of customer service improvement. 1020am - 1050am 5. Summary of the recommended customer service improvement options. 1050am - 1120am 6. Required resources and…show more content…
Determine the involved stakeholders for the communication interaction process Team leader 10/11/2015 11/11/2015 2. Assign them with roles and responsibilities during the communication process Supervisor 12/11/2015 15/11/2015 3. Conduct the communication process HR officer 16/11/2015 17/11/2015 4. Apply active listening skills and questioning HR manager 17/11/2015 18/11/2015 5. Discuss how you will monitor this situation to ensure the problem is not recurring. • Seek staffs feedback about the conflict resolutions: ask them their opinions and comments about the resolutions and whether they need further clarifications. • Evaluate the effectiveness of the resolution: compare and contrast the identified resolution options and find out the most effective one based on the amount of time consumed and the costs invested. • Find out the root factors of workplace conflicts and design the continuous improvement plan: these factors should be documented into the organisational business reports and to be served as the further reference for the further continuous improvements. Part B An email sent to Yuko advising her of the problem and requesting her to attend a meeting with you: To: Subject: Staff meeting to be hold with you Dear…show more content…
Q2: What are the reasons for your recent poor work performance? Q3: What can we do to help you improve your work performance? Summaries Yuko’s issues: • Keep complaining about her work colleague • Coming work late • Lack of professional behavior such as drinking alcohol • Issues of workplace bullying and discrimination Unexpected situations arisen from the meeting with Yuko Your responses 1. She is stubborn and resist the explanation from the management Demonstrate the related organisational and industrial legislations and guidelines and staff manuals as the references for the improvement resolutions 2. She became very aggressive and threaten for the violent actions Get other staffs in presence and record all her responses Solutions to fix Yuko’s problems: • Separate her to the other departments and assign her with other job roles • Observe her performance within 3 months probationary time • Issue her with the written and verbal warning Further email to Yuko summarizing the discussion at the meeting and the solution agreed on: To:

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