Esteban The Moor: The First African Americans In America

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In the early explorer days the first African American to enter America was Juan Guarrido came to florida with Spanish explorers in 1513. He was free and left a mark on the new world. Guarrido helped Ortex take Mexico then he headed for California searching for gold. In 1534 a black man struggled to cross the Texas desert; his name was Esteban The Moor. Estevan was one of four explorers who survived a spanish expedition that went horribly wrong. Esteban and Guarrido were the first African Americans in our country. Which they found hope and opportunity here. In 1619 Jamestown, Virginia the first british colony became the United States. On one night in august a shipped appeared, and it was carrying slaves. That’s how slavery started. Plantations…show more content…
Charleston, South Carolina was once the center of the slave trade in the thirteen colonies. Slave auctions were held on the the street almost everyday in Charleston, South Carolina. Priscilla was bought at one of these auctions by a rice planter named Elias Ball. She arrived there in July, 1756, she was ten. She came as an orphan, no family, no home. Priscilla whole life was in a house owned by white people. The reason she was there was because of the rice fields. The rice fields were dangerous and more than ⅔ of the kids who went in there did not make it past 16 years old. But Priscilla beat the odds, her and her family survived. Slaves built this country. They built roads and bridges, factories, and farm, towns, and cities, but they also built a…show more content…
Slaves watched of his fields and his needs. Roughly 20,000 slaves ran away to the british lines. Most of the black loyalist were ravaged by the war. Many of them died, many of them contracted smallpox, they made terrible fates. Harry Washington was one of the lucky few. British put him on a ship and evacuated him to Canada. British wanted to use the blacks to help them in their struggle against the colonist, but they didn’t want them to feel equal so they dropped them off to make them find their way. Harry was one of the few slaves who ever made it back to Africa. In august of 1791, this colony began to collapse. Slaves rose up upon their hated masters. African americans had to wait almost a century for their

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