Esteban's Observation

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Monday morning 8:15, Esteban Hernandez strolls into 8th grade with a vast grin on his face. Esteban has been at St. Anthony’s school for 5 years and has been a joy to go to school with ever sense. Esteban was born on December 9, 2001. He enjoys science and playing with his friends. He has two siblings Monica and Javier.
The Hernandez family has been in America for twenty years. Esteban likes to send time with his siblings Monica and Javier. Esteban spends Christmas and thanksgiving with his family. On Esteban’s free time he likes to hang out with his immense amount of family. He likes alternative music and indie. But there are a variety of topics that Esteban despises including, public speaking bugs and even frogs. Like many other unique people Esteban loves pizza. There are so many traits of Esteban that would have never known, and now I am very pleased that I have encountered. Many people know Esteban as the funny smart and helpful Esteban but there are so many other things that people don’t know about him.
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I had no idea that he played the guitar and I am so surprised that he plays an instrument. The only reason I wouldn’t think that he would play an instrument for some reason. I would describe Esteban’s personality as quiet but in a quick surprise he comes out with this very clever come back or joke that shocks the whole class. I would also describe him as very nice and always wanting to help you with homework or I you need something in class. Other than Esteban’s variety of characters he also is tremendously smart. Esteban has a love for science and is excellent on that topic. Over all Esteban is a super nice guy and has many character traits that maybe we knew or that we had no idea the things that he
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