Estee Lauder Mission Statement

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Estee Lauder Inc is a manufacturer of a high end cosmetics which include skincare, hair, makeup and fragrance products that are sold world-wide and recognized in over 120 countries. The company began in 1946 with Josephine Esther Mentzer and her husband Joseph Lauder, in New York City with no more than a handful of skin care products to sell. A couple of years later, after their launch with Saks Fifth Ave, they started to expand and introduce their products to different countries. Year by year they made an established, recognized brand, and it grew to be one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. Estee Lauder 's mission statement details the company 's outlook on their future "Bringing the best to everyone we touch and by 'the best…show more content…
Investors will pay close attention to this but ultimately, if the net income is less than the cash flow, the company will not have enough to pay shareholders..
Both companies had increases in their operating cash flows from 2012 to 2013. Estee Lauder 's cash flows from operating activities increase in 2013 was driven by " an increase in net earnings, a decrease in pension and post-retirement benefit contributions and a favorable change in accounts receivable due to the timing of shipments and collections" (Estee Lauder Inc, 2014). The improvements were partly balanced by a rise in the levels of their inventory, mainly to sustain satisfactory levels of service in line with forecasted sales activity as well as for the remaining safety stock from 2013 SMI implementation (Estee Lauder Inc, 2014).
Revlon 's increase in 2013 was impacted by favorable changes in working capital, lower pension contributions and lower premium payments related the Company 's multi-year insurance programs. The increase was also partially due to the integration costs related to their purchase of the beauty company Colomer Group (Revlon Inc,
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This section details cash flows related to acquisition and the disposal of the company 's long-term investments which include property, plant and equipment, investment in subsidiaries and associates, etc. (Jan, n.d.) Estee Lauder total cash flows from investing activities were $465.5 million in 2013 and $428.3 million in 2012. This increase in cash flows for investing activities consisted of higher capital expenditure activity which relates to counters and leasehold improvements (Estee Lauder Inc, 2014).
Revlon 's investing activities in 2013 consisted of a total cash flows from investing activities of $639.4 million compared to $86.3 million in 2012. This rise was the result of the purchase of Colomer Group in a cash payment of 610.4 million and capital expenditures of 28.6

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