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Esteé Lauder started in 1946 with starting her own beauty company. She had products like Esteé Lauder, Clinique, and MAC cosmetics in her business. Those products are still being sold all around the world. Her business became a success and ended up in malls and stores. With years of selling her own products, she formed her company Esteé Lauder Cosmetics Inc. -She was born July 1st, 1908 in Queens, New York. Her birth name was not Esteé Lauder, it was Josephine Esther Mentzer. With her father being Czech and her mother being Hungarian, she came from the rest of her family being Jewish immigrants. Lauder had loved doing hair and makeup since she was young. She started as a teenager, selling products she had made at the local hair and nail salons. -With her uncle being a chemist, he taught her how to make her own facial creams and makeups. When Lauder started selling her products in to the public, she labeled everything as the “Jars of Hope” and gave out free samples to people who wanted to try them out. Later on after that, in 1930, she married a man named Joseph H. Lauter (which later became Lauder),…show more content…
launched out the Clinique products. They are mainly for younger women. It 's meant to be as an important part of young ladies’ fitness and grooming as an everyday kind of thing. Clinique was more known for being a skin care company. It turned into those kinds of products without any notice to Lauder or her company. Two years in to their company 's operation, Clinique made the whole business lose over 3 million dollars. With this tragedy that took place, Esteé wanted to give up on all that she has done to make her dream happen. Instead of doing that, she hired another woman to control and take over Clinique. Ever since she started in that company, it kept on growing and never intended on stopping at all. Phillips promoted Esteé Lauder with her friends and other acquaintances, such as presidents, celebrities, and

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