Estelle Louise: A Short Story

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As they exit Ruby’s parking lot Estelle Louise says, “Clemmy Sue that there gotta be the bestest birthday gift in all my years. I gots to know though, who you be thinkin’ that there Harry might be?” “Why he be the guy, that be givin’ you, that there money, for them there home improvements.” The peal of Estelle Louise’s laughter made Clemmy Sue smile. Usually they talk nonstop, but tonight they ride in silence and contemplate what Miss Ta Rot had told Estelle Louise. Clemmy Sue, slide into the entrance of Estelle Louise’s muddy driveway and skids to a stop, thirty feet away from the mailbox. “I be so sorry honey, but this here be about as close to that there mailbox as imma gonna gets in this here sassy storm.”…show more content…
You be livin’ with me as long as you gots to. By the way, did you gets any mail from that there Harry?” “NO! By the time, the fire engine, Sheriff Johnstone and the ambulance arrives, Clemmy Sue and Estelle Louise are emotionally and physically spent. However, they stood side-by-side; holding hands, and watch as the firefighters fought the fire. They solemnly prayed for the injured truck driver as the paramedics placed him in the Ambulance and then drive away. Sheriff Johnstone drove over, as they were sluggishly moving towards the pickup, and motioned for them to get in the patrol car. Wearily they slide into the back seat, when Estelle Louise shut the door the Sheriff says, “The driver of the truck, Mr. Dents was able to get out of the truck, before the fire started and thanks to heaven he was not seriously injured. We had a chat before the paramedics took him away and he told me he was in a dang hurry to get home and out of the rain. He admits he was speeding and lost control of his truck. He wants you to know how sorry he is and he promised to set everything straight and for you not to worry one little bit. ” When he finished, Sheriff Johnston hands Estelle Louise, Mr. Dent’s business card along with a crumpled
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