Esther Morgenszern's Extermination Camp

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Esther Morgenszern was born in Kaluszyn, poland in the year 1927. When she was fifteen her and her family were taken to an extermination camp just ten miles into wilderness from Minsk Mazowiecki, the town they were staying at in Treblinka, poland called the Treblinka extermination camp. This camp had one of the highest death raidings and was one of the most brutal. The concentration and extermination camps were created to punish, weaken, and kill the jews so they couldn 't start a rebellion. Dear diary, Today will be the last time I’m writing to you because rumors have been going around that many of us will be gassed tomorrow. Because it’s been awhile since the last time i was able to write i’ll fill you in on all that has happened. After all of the jewish schools were destroyed me, my dad, mom, grandmother, and four siblings packed up and moved from our home in Kaluszyn to my dad friends house in Minsk Mazowiecki. Soon after we got to Minsk Mazowiecki however, the natzis forced all jews to live in a small part of town with few houses so we had many roommates. It got to the point where my grandmother had to go back to Kaluszyn to live with my aunt. My mother was really calm during this whole disaster which made me feel better but when lice started to spread Typhus she feared for our…show more content…
Some kids on the same truck as me told me that the purpose of this camp was to weaken and kill jews so we couldn 't start a rebellion. This gave me the chills and i knew i wouldn 't make it out. If it weren’t for the other six people in my bed alone i would cry myself to sleep but that would get everyone in trouble. There haven’t been many new arrivals since we’ve gotten here. When i asked one of the people i share a bed with she said that when they came they were told that they would be allowed a shower but instead of water deadly gasses came out of the

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