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In the current century, esthetic dentistry has evolved to be one of the major backbones of every dental practice. Esthetic dentistry has a wide range starting from resin composite restoration and extending to the design and reconstruction of the patient smile, certainly all these procedure is considered practicing under the cosmetic umbrella. In a trial to modify the properties of CAD/CAM ceramics different organic hybrid materials were introduced to the market. One of these hybrid CAD/CAM materials is Lava Ultimate (3M ESPE), a so-called “resin nano-ceramic”. Lava Ultimate, named also “nanoparticle and nano-cluster-filled resin or “CAD/CAM (resin) composite”, contains nano-ceramic particles (silica- and zirconia filler/ cluster filler) bound in a resin matrix.(1) The other resin-ceramic CAD/CAM material is VITA ENAMIC (VITA…show more content…
Further, they provide adequate stability and increased fracture resistance of overlying ceramic restorations, together with an optimal esthetic result. Presently, resin luting cements grew the ability to modify the final shade match of the final indirect restoration as a result of the accessibility of their different shades, permitting clinicians obtain desirable esthetics. It is well known that the success of an indirect esthetic restoration is primly dependent on the bond durability of both ceramic/luting cement and luting cement/tooth. Yet esthetic considerations are not to be neglected, as the the final color of an indirect esthetic restoration is not only affected by the thickness, optical and surface properties of restorative material used, but also by the color, translucency, and thickness of the underlying resin luting cement which plays a crucial role in determining the final color of restorations

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