Esthetic Values In Literature: The Importance Of Literature

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A literature as a work of art became an item of its time wherein readers can read the social, political, economic situation and their daily lives, and even locates readers themselves. Nowhere does the complexity of colonial life manifest itself more than in the arena of cultural production. In the meanwhile the ‘aesthetic’ has crept into literary studies for decades. What aesthetic matters in literature is it can uncover the ideology beneath the work; where the writer was on earth coming from and with what political or cultural causes and results. The aesthetic features in the literature have made literature a sphere where shared sentiments and experiences can be negotiated.
By examining how the literature constructs the nation image, and how the dominant sociopolitical authority can identify its people through words, this chapter therefore emphasizes aesthetic values matter in establishing literature a purposive institution. I wish to further account for the implications of purposeful aesthetic values in the Manchukuo and the fate of the Korean migration literature in a society.

5.1 Literature, Nation and National Identity
Although literature gained a prominent position in the study of certain historical time, literature may still less trustful as raw material for history. The application of adopting literature as reference for research accordingly forced us to inquire into not only the nature of literature, as well as the relation between two.
The significance of
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