Estimating The Cost Of Crime Essay

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1. Identify and explain the challenges inherent to the task of estimating the costs of crime. How do you feel that the costs of crime could best be measured? Support your response. When asked how much do you think is spent on crime in your city. It is hard to determine, crime is so widespread and ranges in different forms. When you factor in your population in addition to the number of crimes that occur on a daily basis it is hard to have an accurate number. Just like inmates in jail crime cost are heavy to taxpayers dollars. Although it is not seen crime affects your community, city and you as an individual. There is so much that goes into determining the value of private property and the individuals that work these cases. When you…show more content…
Victims have a direct economic loss to their property and financially. Criminal laws that bad cost citizens thousands upon thousands of dollars per year from robberies. When situations are bad the system fails to stop many of these acts. With so many crimes that go unreported the neighborhoods and authorities fail each other. Mothers fear reporting their children because she does not want them to be punished by the law. They also feel like they couldn’t handle seeing their baby’s locked up behind prison bars. According to an article written by Highfield, citizens believed that the police were unable to do anything for them. If a thief was not able to get away with the crime, it was not important enough to report to the authorities. People steal for various reasons like money, food or just to have a roof over their children’s head. The cost of crime transfers income from one member of society to another. Such as a drug user to the drug dealer. Citizens should not sit idle, if you are aware that a crime has taken place, you have to be willing to report the crime to the authorities. Crime is considered one of the major problems in America still today. (McCollister and

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