Estrella's Use Of Figurative Language Summary

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The author’s utilization of selection of detail, figurative language and a tone of confusion portrayed the development of Estrella’s as one with strength and determination. The author’s usage of selection of detail, helps characterize Estrella’s strong and determined development. Through details that that the author reveals such as “reserving the desks at the back of the classroom for the next batch of migrant children” demonstrates that Estrella is probably a minority immigrant student. Thus, she must have experienced prejudice and discrimination in a new foreign environment. Despite being an outcast in a classroom setting, Estrella was still determined to learn new things and showed no indication that she was uncomfortable in such a setting that might hinder her learning performance. When it “never occurred to her that she was dirty” because of claim of her mother’s seemingly sanitary care of her, she reveals that the new culture she is in contrasts where she came from. This…show more content…
When Estrella “realized words could become as excruciating as rusted nails piercing the heels of her bare feet”, she experienced some harsh judgements of her. However, such judgement and prejudice of her, makes her a stronger person and made her realize just how cruel society is. The simile that Estrella used, demonstrates how hurtful others’ commentaries were yet she shouldered on in her new environment and showed determination to learn new things and tries to become literates. When “she remembered how one teacher had a face of a crumpled Kleenex and a nose like a hook” she illustrates a negative connotation of her teacher which shows how the teacher must not have been the nicest towards her and probably was prejudiced towards her. These types of hardships made her realize the importance of acquiring knowledge because knowing things might put her on a level with those that are
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