Eternal Beauty In Stone Analysis

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Marisha Velez
Chanel photographer
Ms. Cambells
John Thomas Grant
What to say that John Thomas Grant bought his first camera for photography with the things that he sell on eBay with the people that die on his family. Since that until his book “Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone:, He can’t can come apart from the dead people. This play, Grant continues with the stories that we see silents. He proposes is leaving that the reader, as see the images of the cemetery of North American to explore the feelings that they awake. No have no interest and no purpose to become photographer. Grant says that the photography that it found him, because with the music it went well. As change the photography at his beginning him not portrayed the cemeteries.
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This is intimate and emotional telling the story of a partner of a marriage. In this picture he tries to demonstrate the invisible that the other can’t see. His inspiration always is the life. Without fear of the death because that is that is certain final. One of his thought is a quote... “It doesn’t matter what we saw, that matter is what we see”. “He lives and loves the travel of the life. Grant tries to make it to the spirit, the mind, and the heart of everyone. In the cemetery he sees as the point of a photographer and of the life. He uses his creative mind and his good eyes for the art. He tries to bring the message that the cemetery they are not scary. It doesn’t matter which cemetery because the artist he sees the art and the history of the life that it capture in the picture. Also it doesn’t matter the type of the type of camera that you used because the point is on what you see. The author in every single cemetery he considers one world never end. Tries to create in the inside person that we should make groups to helps to make the safety. With that little grain of sand we could keep up the existing cemetery. Grant considerate that the cemetery is like another house
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