Eternal Wrath Short Story

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Eternal Wrath I had absolutely no idea that I, Lauren Ross, was one of them. You know, special. Why wasn’t I told? Why did I never wonder or ask about my eccentric traits? “BLEEP! BLEEP!” My alarm screeched. It was the very last day of school for the year! I skipped out of my bedroom for breakfast. My dad was making pancakes! Yum! “Last day last day...YAY!” I hummed. I sat down and devoured the scrumptious pancakes. “Get dressed Lauren the bus will arrive in fifteen minutes!” My dad exclaimed. Whoosh! What the… I was in my room without getting up and walking there myself? Whatever, it’s the last day! I ran out to the bus, and took a seat next to my cousin, Jack. “Hey Jack!” I exclaimed. “It’s the last day!” I said again. He smiled. “So Jack,…show more content…
She was beautiful! She had long orange, red, and black hair. Her dress was long, red, and made of lava and silk. She was also my aunt. “Jack!” She opened her arms as Jack ran into them. “We were told to get advice from you about the conflict with Demeter and Hades.” Jack explained. When i was around Hestia everything seemed warm and calm. “Yes, the eternal wrath and cold.” Hestia said. “Demeter will only stop winter if her daughter is returned by next week.” Hestia explained. “Hades has Persephany. So if you want her, you must go to the underworld.” Hestia said. “Wait! The underworld? No! That is way too dangerous!” I barked. Sure I wanted to save the world, but, the underworld? No way. “It’s either that, or do nothing and let an eternal wrath and cold set upon earth.” Hestia protested. Just then, the ground cracked wide open. A large black figure arose from it. “Daughter of season changer!” A booming voice cackled. It was Hades! He had a small cage with Persephany in it! She looked so miserable! My only sister was Hades’s hostage! This was not good. “Let my sister go.” I said fimly with a glare. I teleported over to him. “Let her go!” I screeched. “Or else what?” Hades
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