Etgar Keret's Suddenly, A Knock On The Door

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Politics will continue to exist so long as there is an imbalanced distribution of power. Such is the nature of Etgar Keret’s story, “Suddenly, a Knock on the Door”. Right off the bat the reader is plunged into the point of view of Keret, a writer, who is being held at gunpoint by a Swede commanding the writer to “tell” him “a story”. After quite some time, the Swede is then joined by a pollster and a pizza delivery guy who are both armed as well and who both share the same motive with the Swede. They want a story that does not “dump reality” on them because that is “exactly what” they are “trying to run away from”. Therefore, the three men are depending on the writer for a story yet, at the same time, they are in control. Given this peculiar
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