Ethan Ahrens: Why I Become A Better Writer

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A student a Stevens Point Area Senior High School, Ethan Ahrens is committed to his studies as well as athletics. He is a part of the SPASH football and track team. Ethan also has a job at UWSP apartments; cleaning and taking care of them. Ethan has a brother and a sister who are both younger than him. He enjoys to play basketball, workout, and hang out with friends in his free time. Ethan is determined to work at becoming a better-rounded writer. He has written only a couple of papers in his lifetime, but knows there will be multiple others to come. Why: I write mostly because I have to for school. I do not dislike writing, but I would not write for the amusement of it. I write for school though to improve my knowledge on different topics as well as to better myself for when I need to write papers and essays in college.…show more content…
Either my bedroom or in the living room when no one is there. I become distracted extremely easily thus it’s hard for me to write during school. I tend to write at night; I seem to be able to relaxeasier and can think of ideas to write on. I do not become as frustrated with writing as well. How: I try to write everything all at once, otherwise I lose focus and my train of thought. And then when I’m finished I take a break and let the paper sit, and then come back and reread and make revisions to the paper. I find quite a bit of errors or ideas which aren’t complete or don’t quite make sense, but then I fix them. It is easier for me to do it that way instead of taking long breaks between writing. I also try to find inspiration for my writing depending on what I am writing
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