Ethan Frame Literary Analysis

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In Ethan Frame there are three major opinions held by the main character, Ethan Frame. These beliefs ultimately lead to his demise towards the end. These three opinions are that he should prioritize his life over others, any man that is attempting to call upon a the debutante is a direct threat to him and his family, and that dying with the ones you love is better than risking a life apart from them. These three opinions ultimately fabricate the ironic situation whereabouts he is living with his companion, Zen, and the woman, Mattie, who had become paralyzed in their attempt to run away from Zen.

Specifically, the first obvious outlook that leads in a destructive direction is that Ethan’s wellbeing is more important than all and sundry else’s.
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Notwithstanding, this opinion seems obvious, but under further examination proves quite complex. At the end of the book Ethan decides he would rather die with Mattie than live without her, leading him to go down the hill on the sled. This is interesting for it almost appears that he forgets about Zen who he once was madly in love with. This adds his ignominious outlook on happiness with his irrational thoughts about Mattie is his forever and ultimately causes him to put a “death” to his relationship with Zen. These opinions link together and ultimately lead to Ethan attempting suicide with Mattie, failing, and having to live with the two women who he saw as dead due to the fact that he could not have them in exactly the way he wanted them. While neither of the women subsists actually dead, they both are deathlike in their tacit affections and ability to care for Ethan.

Hence, in this tale of vivacious lies but sagacious deceit to the ones, with great passion, to whom love is displayed by Ethan Frame, there is much mockery made of the need for consistent love in a happy life. This story had great depth; no void details, of how Sir Frame viewed his human necessity over other peoples. In the end Ethan’s selfish disposition caused him to attempt to rue others lives for his own gay
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