Ethan Harwood's Narrative Fiction

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Ethan Harwood, a man of age forty, stood in the middle of the science facilities wearing a long white lab coat which draped across the floor. Ethan hated his job, manufacturing an artificial virus which controls the subconscious minds of people, but he was forced to by the Health Organisation. He decided that tonight he was finally going to escape with a group to try and save the town of Blackdale. As he walked home through the polluted air, he could not see the end of his nose, his pitch black hair and dark brown eyes almost made hime invisible at night. As soon as the purple contaminated sun had set and the tall industrialised buildings had turned out their lights, he gathered a group of people to start a revolution, the Defiant. Now the town of Blackdale hides more than just secrets, it hides people.…show more content…
Break into the science facilities and frantically Ethan and some of his followers try to find a cure while other followers find and rescue people from their contaminated homes. Unfortunately, today the agents from the Health Organisation caught the people from the Defiant trying to rescue people and they were taken away. The other half of the Defiant ran with palms sweating to the edge of the town and crossed the boundary into the woods. They camped here for the next week, with hearts racing and barely being able to breathe. The woods were ironically named as there were no trees there and only metal spikes in the shapes of them. There was no grass and only green, contaminated mud coating the ground. No one lived out here but the Defiant didn’t have a choice if they wanted to save
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