Ethan O Brian Character Analysis

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The O’Brian family has three daughters, one father, and one mother. The three daughters are Kala O’Brian who is 14, Keira O’Brian who is 12, and Yvette O’Brian who is 10. The father is Ethan O’Brian, who is 41 and is a Mechanical Engineer. The mother, Giselle O’Brian is 40 and is a hotel manager. The O’Brian family lives in Chicago, Illinois. The mother and father are the workers and heads of the O’Brian household. Giselle O’Brian wanted to become a hotel manager because the job didn’t need a big college education. Her job was chosen based off her interest in business, and didn’t have a big and long college education, and is big on controlling situations. Ethan O’Brian had a long and enriched college education, which is why he chose mechanical…show more content…
The O’Brian’s chose to put over half of the leftover money in an account and the rest was pocket money. Of the miscellaneous costs, the dental/medical, which is $350.00, would be the most important. It’s important because the O’Brian’s have active children and if an accident occurs then they’ll be covered and won’t need to worry. The money left over at the end of the month divided and put into a different place. Over one half went into an account for an emergency; the other was just pocket money, for example, $20.00 in Ethan 's wallet. The family knew that accidents happen and they wanted to be prepared for the worst. Also, they felt as putting the leftover money into the stock was too risky and they didn 't want to risk anything. The O’Brian’s are a well-functioned unit. They aren 't unrealistically rich or too poor. The family has a house that suits everyone 's needs and doesn 't interfere with any other items on the budget plan. Also, the family has more enough for everything and still have a decent amount if money left for other optional uses. The children’s school is close by; the parents’ jobs aren’t far from the house. The family eats well and has enough for everyone. Overall the O’Brian family is a well
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