Ethel Peashock As A Role Model

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Today I would like to introduce you to my hero who is an strong, elegant woman who has been a role model for me. Her name is Ethel Peashock. She is my Great Grandmother, whom is in her early 90’s. She was born on December 19, 1922. She has lived in Monessen, Pennsylvania almost all of her life. She is a strong woman who worked to help her family survive the Great Depression. She got her first job at the age of 15 working in a school lunchroom. She also ironed clothes and babysat. Then once she got done with her other jobs, she would clean her neighbor’s house for a quarter. During her childhood they had to grow a majority of their own food, and they had to jar food for winter. She told a story about how every Sunday all the kids that lived…show more content…
I look up to her ,because later in her life after she graduated high school. She got married to Bill Peashock, shortly after they moved to Wilmington, Delaware so that he could serve in the Coast Guard during World War Two. They had their first child in Delaware. After, World War 2, they moved back to Monessen ,Pennsylvania. Once they were back in Pennslvania, they settled down and had two more children. He became a volunteer fireman once they settled in. She would pray every night he would return unharmed, but it didn’t always work. One time during the winter he was on a call and sitting on the back of the fire truck when they hit a patch of ice. Several of the men fell off a the truck, they survived, but not without pain. He had several broken bones. She was strong and loyal to her husband through all their troubles. Furthermore, she is a hero to me because through all the struggles in her life she remained positive, strong, generous, and maternal person. She has impacted my life by showing me that you can go through struggles in your life and still be a positive person. She spends time helping her local church every month with their fish frys and festivals. Even though she went through troubles in her life, it taught her to cherish what she had, and be happy what about what people are in her life. She has impacted my life by teaching me to treasure what I

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