Ethical Approach To Ethics

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Ethics is the branch of philosophy that delves into the nature of good, bad, right and wrong. Ethics deal with an individual’s moral principles. An ethical theory helps us in addressing questions like- What is right and what is wrong? Is this good or bad? Ethical theories help us define good, bad, right and wrong. They help us understand why a decision, thing or thought is good, bad, right or wrong. We can approach these ethical theories by trying to understand them and then analysing the extent to which the theory is beneficial, we can approach them by thinking about the cons and loopholes that the theory has. Let’s look at some ethical theories like Utilitarianism, The categorical Imperative, Virtue Ethics, and Ethical Egoism. Utilitarianism…show more content…
Ethical egoism is basically just thinking about your own self interest and what is good for you. As the book Knowledge, Nature, AND Norms states, “According to ethical egoism, what is right or wrong for you to do is really just a matter of what will be good for you - what will best promote your self-interest.” (Timmons and Shoemaker 370) Ethical egoism can be very beneficial as it makes sure that your needs will always be taken care of. Ethical egoism can promote a stronger sense of identity and it can help in making you and others around you more self-dependent; however, ethical egoism might destroy all friendships and all relationships. Imagine a mother always putting herself first and only ever thinking about the needs of her children once all of her needs were met. Only thinking about what is good for oneself can result in one losing all of his/her friends. Having no human companionship can even lead depression. On one hand, ethical egoists think about what is good for them and take actions that benefit them without thinking about others and, on the other hand, these actions based solely on self-interest can be harmful to ethical egoists. I’d say that ethical egoism might be just the right thing for some people, but, for some people, it might be
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