Euthanasia Ethical Dilemmas

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There has been a lot of argument about euthanasia among social ethics and medical ethics. In this paper I will examine what euthanasia is, the dilemma among ethical philosophers including deontological ethicist, a consequentialist, and a virtue ethics philosopher and the decision they could choice.
Originally, the word 'euthanasia ' was derived from two Greek roots meaning 'good death '. It is the deliberate killing of a person for the benefit of that person or the society. Euthanasia can also mean the termination of a very sick person’s life in order to relieve them of their suffering. It is normally carried out in most cases by the person who dies asks for it but there are cases where a person cannot make such a request is called euthanasia.
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This practice is called active euthanasia since the health care worker 's action is the direct cause of the patient 's death. Active euthanasia is the most controversial of the four options and is currently illegal in the United States. However, several rights to die organizations are lobbying for the laws against active euthanasia to change. The advocates of euthanasia argue that the person will die anyway, and that the purpose is not to invade the person’s right to life but only to substitute a painless death for a painful one. Here, death becomes the inevitable, hence they propound such ideas. They do not term it murder under the plea- volante non-fit injuria- no injury is done to one who is…show more content…
It might be utmost important to the doctor to know whether killing his or her patient is active or passive, deliberate or just expected, but this matters less to the patient. The patient might consider it as their death is according to their well but the patient 's standpoint that is utmost vital. I also believe that the firmness of the deontological view reckonings against its plausibility. It therefore censures the terms like suicide, euthanasia, murder and abortion. According to moral right, as the patient and the doctor agree, it should be carry out, without considering the negative impact on the relative and this is not right. Consequentialist however, do seem to focused not only on the patients but the relative. But doe the consequence of euthanasia good to legalized it? This is the question that concern the
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