Ethical Arguments Against Gun Control

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Gun control is a topic that has been debated over the last few years. It is a subject that many people stand for and against the change in policy. Basically gun control would change the way firearms are regulated, by changing laws or polices that control how they are made, sold, owned, and used by civilians. However by trying to take away firearms from civilians would be infringing upon their rights as United States citizens. There are many ethical reasons why gun control should not be implemented towards law-abiding citizens such as it is hypocritical, neglects the reality of control, and is discriminating against gun owners. Gun control, in addition to be hypocritical, also contradicts the protection of human lives. For instance when looking at the argument for gun control it comes down to this: every human life is valuable, killing someone is immoral, guns can kill people, so create laws that decrease access to weapons. Gun control activist strive to push that guns are one of the main causes for death in the…show more content…
Gun control is hypocritical because the point of gun control is to limit gun violence basically to save human lives but yet there are many other forms of violence that claim more lives each year than firearms. It neglects the reality of control because everyday criminal acts that have been made illegal are still committed. So even if gun control were in effect it would not prevent the use of those weapons, which would mean there is no real control. Also if gun control was allowed it would be targeting a specific group of people; gun owners, which would be discriminating against them. Most importantly as United States citizens under the second amendment we have the right to bear arms, which is why most importantly gun control should not be allowed. This is why gun control should not be implemented towards law-abiding
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