Ethical Aspects Of Industrial Accidents

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1. Introduction: Industrial Accidents The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (1919) defines Industrial accidents as non-natural disastrous occurrence leading towards loss of life, property, social disruption and environmental degradation caused mainly due to dangerous procedures, infrastructure failures or certain human activities. Various operations in an industry are cited as dangerous therefore, safe operational guidelines are provided, and certain standards are set by the regulating authority. Moreover, the ethical behavior of every employee in the seriousness of operation also contributes towards safer work environment. Failure in any of these may lead to a mishap in an industry. Kletz (2001) approached industrial accidents in an electromagnetic spectrum analyzing the immediate technical cause of the accident and underlying superficial cause. The analysis is important to identify the root cause, missed opportunity and the preventive counteractive measures to be considered in the future. However, nature of the investigation performed analyzing all the possible factors is also a key distinguishing factor in identification of true cause and recommendation towards effective countermeasures. This report relates ethical aspects of engineers towards minimizing unfortunate events happening in the industry. Industrial accidents can always be predicted. Then it is up to concerning engineers and the top-level management to provide countermeasures

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