Ethical Awareness In Social Work

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Ethical awareness forms a fundamental part of the profession of social work. The competence and commitment of social workers to behave ethically is an essential aspect and quality of the services they offer. The Association of Social Work identified core values for social work profession in the preamble to its code of ethics. Social work’s mission is rooted in these core values which are six in total, however, service, social change and integrity will be discussed. These core values embraced by social workers are the basis of the profession’s distinctive purpose and perspective. Diversity, self-determination and cultural competence are values of social work profession and prove to be vital in the profession. • Service • Social Justice • Integrity • Diversity • Self-determination • cultural competency Service Service is one of the core values of social work profession. Social work’s chief goal is to assist individuals in need and to address social problems. The expectation under this value is that social workers are to uphold high standards of conduct in providing high quality service to their clients. They should practise on behalf of their clients, helping them address barriers and solve challenges, adjust to changes, respond to crises, and develop, implement and monitor proactive plans for their lives (NASW, 2008). A social…show more content…
For instance in book diversity is defined as “ the differences in and among societal groups based on race and/or ethnicity, gender, age, physical/mental abilities, sexual orientation, religion, size and other distinguishing characteristics (Mazur, 2010) ( )”. The diversity has been progressively extended to embrace culturally diverse and socially marginalised individuals (Greene, 2008). Therefore the diversity in social work represents a range of population especially minority population from different cultures, upbringings, ethnicity and
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